2022 – W.R.O.L. (Without Rule of Law)

“Without Rule of Law” follows a determined troupe of preteen “doomers” committed to preparing for survival in the post-collapse society they anticipate inheriting. When Maureen, Jo, Sarah, Vic, and Robbie sneak out at night to investigate an ominous hidden lair in the woods, they believe they have stumbled onto proof of what happened to a mysterious local cult that vanished over a decade ago. As they search for vital clues, examining small bones and dusty cans of food for signs of life, they fight to be understood in a world that seems to reject them. What they discover changes everything — eighth grade will never be the same.

Written by Michaela Jeffery
Director – Arthi Chandra
Editor – Matthew Winter 

September 15th and 16th; 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM on both days (“Watch at Home” tickets also available)
Performance Theatre at the UBC NEST
Purchase tickets here: https://bit.ly/medplay-wrol

Ashleigh Nazareth, Sasha Voznyuk, Suzanne Starkiewicz, Christiane Boen, Montserrat Videla

Emma Finlayson-Trick, Shadan Ashrafi, Katie Eva, Parnian Hosseini, Christiane Boen, Suzanne Starkiewicz

Farhang AhadzaDeh

Justice for Girls (JFG) is a Canadian non-profit organization and registered charity that has been helping teenage girls and young women end violence and poverty for over twenty years. The mission of JFG consists of two primary tenets. First, JFG provides support and resources to young women in poverty to equip them to make personal and social change in an effort to end violence, racism, and poverty. Ultimately, this initiative promotes social, economic, and environmental justice. Second, JFG promotes leadership by encouraging young women to become involved in law- and policy-making, as well as other programs that impact their lives.

Through various advocacy, research, and leadership & education programs, JFG promotes equality, freedom from violence and colonialism, and the health and well-being of teenage girls who live in poverty.

Gold: Haslett Financial Inc.

Silver: BC Lions

Bronze: Resident Doctors of BC

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